Okra Recipe: Lebanese Bamia

Okra Recipe: Lebanese Bamia Okra was definitely one of those foods that I sworn to myself as a child that I would never eat as a grown up. And I kept to that promise for a very long time…up until now…This Okra recipe also known as Lebanese Bamia is simple and delicious.

Let me tell you why, firstly, its slimy! I never cared for the texture. Secondly, anything my mom vehemently shoved on my plate, my natural response would be not to touch it. Well I am very familiar with karma as my children do the same to me now. LOL don’t you just love the circle of life!  Continue reading “Okra Recipe: Lebanese Bamia”

Moughrabieh or Muftool

moughrabieh or muftool I love the smell of cooking down onions in clarified butter. You can smell the sweetness of the onions and the browning of the butter. It just makes your stomach growl for food! Moughrabieh or Muftool is a Palestinian/Lebanese dish, as far as I know. Its not only healthy and good for you but also incredibly delicious. My mom makes this dish and we love it so much there are never any leftovers.

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StroganoffWow. Amazing. A must. This Stroganoff recipe is so easy and so delicious. A rich and creamy sauce with mushrooms and thinly sliced beef on top of egg noodles. It really is a great way to change up your pasta routine for the week. I made this in 30 minutes so I am sure you are excited to get to the recipe!

This is a Russian dish and I know why. When its cold outside, what better way to cozy up in the house than with this absolute comfort food. First, fry up a diced onion for a few minutes and add sliced mushrooms. Clear the pan and add butter to sear your steak strips. Once the steak is finished, add the onions and mushrooms back in with your creme fraiche (or sour cream), beef broth and your egg noodles. Just as easy as that! I suggest using creme fraiche since its less sour than sour creme and is made with full fat milk. Continue reading “Stroganoff”

Healthy Banana Muffins

Healthy Banana Muffins If you have ripe bananas and don’t know what to do with them, then give this recipe a try. I love to have these muffins for breakfast with a large mug of coffee. They make the house smell so lovely while baking and they are so fast and easy to whip up. I used almond milk and wheat flour, however feel free to substitute with ingredients you have in your pantry. Enjoy!

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Shakshuka: Eggs cooked over tomato sauce

shakshuka Shakshuka is an absolutely delicious breakfast that everyone should try. Its a rich tomato sauce that is simmered with spices and topped with eggs that you steam cook. All of the layers of flavor combine to create a comforting and exquisite dish for the entire family to enjoy. Stay in your pajamas and give this luxurious recipe a try instead of heading out to a restaurant.

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Spinach and rice

spinach and riceMy mother’s spinach and rice is so delicious and so easy to make. If you need to have a dinner made in thirty minutes, then this is the recipe for you. Not only is it easy but incredibly healthy. She serves the spinach over a bed of hot vermicelli rice and its a dream! I absolutely love this rice recipe.

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Stuffed Squash or kusa

stuffed squash or kusoStuffed squash or kusa is one of my favorite recipes to make for dinner. Its a simple recipe made of spiced beef and rice then slow cooked for about an hour in a rich tomato and beef broth. This is definitely a comfort food and a great way to introduce vegetables into your diet. Children love to eat this up as well since the squash has a mild taste.

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Rich and Creamy Alfredo

rich and creamy alfredoRich and creamy alfredo is my family’s favorite recipe. When they smell this sauce cooking they know they are in for a treat. Its absolutely delicious and definitely a comfort food that warms you from the belly up! So when your having a sad day or just feel like lounging in your pajamas watching a movie then cook up this recipe in thirty minutes and your day is complete!

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Stuffed Cabbage or Malfouf

stuffed cabbage malfouf Stuffed cabbage also known as Malfouf in Arab countries is a very popular dish in eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Its interesting to find different ways to make this same dish. This is another one of my grandmother’s recipes and she has a few secrets to share.

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Mlokhia (Jews Mellow)

Mlokhia (Jews Mellow)My Aunt’s recipe for Mlokhia (Jews Mellow) is absolutely amazing. Whenever she invites us over for dinner and we know this is on the menu, we always get excited. Mlokhia is seasonal so its heartbreaking when fresh leaves are unavailable for purchase. However, lucky for me, my aunt always prepares large batches and freezes them so we can enjoy this delicious stew all year round. You can also use frozen mlokhia found in grocery stores or dried leaves.

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