Mlokhia (Jews Mellow)

Mlokhia (Jews Mellow)My Aunt’s recipe for Mlokhia (Jews Mellow) is absolutely amazing. Whenever she invites us over for dinner and we know this is on the menu, we always get excited. Mlokhia is seasonal so its heartbreaking when fresh leaves are unavailable for purchase. However, lucky for me, my aunt always prepares large batches and freezes them so we can enjoy this delicious stew all year round. You can also use frozen mlokhia found in grocery stores or dried leaves.

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Flaky & Crispy Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls

chinese chicken spring rollIf you are craving Chinese spring rolls that you love from your usual takeout restaurant, this recipe is golden. You get the perfect spring roll that is flaky and crispy with just the right flavor. This recipe is very easy and you can make a large batch and freeze the spring rolls for another day.

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Tiramisu Sponge Cake

tiramisu sponge cakeI absolutely love tiramisu but sometimes I worry that I might get sick from the raw eggs. Its one of my favorite desserts, so I decided to recreate this classic at home without using raw eggs and I surprised myself by how delicious it was! I made a tiramisu sponge cake that absorbs the coffee instead of using lady fingers. It makes for a more presentable cake and tastes great!

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My Grandmother’s Makloube

my grandmothers makloubeMakloube is a Palestinian dish made of spiced chicken, vegetables, rice and garnished with roasted nuts that is prepared in one pot and turned upside down on a serving platter. You will find a lot of recipes on pinterest advertising “one pot meals” but Palestinians knew this secret first. My Grandmother’s makloube is a little different in that she cooks the chicken in a delicious spicy marinade and then tops the entire dish with sweet caramelized onions to balance the spice. Continue reading “My Grandmother’s Makloube”