Stuffed Squash or kusa

stuffed squash or kusoStuffed squash or kusa is one of my favorite recipes to make for dinner. Its a simple recipe made of spiced beef and rice then slow cooked for about an hour in a rich tomato and beef broth. This is definitely a comfort food and a great way to introduce vegetables into your diet. Children love to eat this up as well since the squash has a mild taste.

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Rich and Creamy Alfredo

rich and creamy alfredoRich and creamy alfredo is my family’s favorite recipe. When they smell this sauce cooking they know they are in for a treat. Its absolutely delicious and definitely a comfort food that warms you from the belly up! So when your having a sad day or just feel like lounging in your pajamas watching a movie then cook up this recipe in thirty minutes and your day is complete!

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Stuffed Cabbage or Malfouf

stuffed cabbage malfouf Stuffed cabbage also known as Malfouf in Arab countries is a very popular dish in eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Its interesting to find different ways to make this same dish. This is another one of my grandmother’s recipes and she has a few secrets to share.

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