Moughrabieh or Muftool

moughrabieh or muftool I love the smell of cooking down onions in clarified butter. You can smell the sweetness of the onions and the browning of the butter. It just makes your stomach growl for food! Moughrabieh or Muftool is a Palestinian/Lebanese dish, as far as I know. Its not only healthy and good for you but also incredibly delicious. My mom makes this dish and we love it so much there are never any leftovers.

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Creamy and Smooth Lentil Soup

creamy smooth lentil soup
Lentil Soup

Lentils belong to the legume plant family that are high in protein, dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. For dieters or anyone striving to loose weight, this recipe is liquid gold!

It’s very easy to make, healthy and delicious!? Yes Please!

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Persian Eggplant Stew with yellow split peas: Khoresh Bademjan

persian eggplant stewTurmeric is the main spice used in cooking this deliciously, addictive, warm Persian eggplant stew.  It is not a common spice used in American cuisine however most Americans are unaware that turmeric is the yellow coloring agent of mustard! Turmeric has a warm, mild bitter taste and is commonly used in Indian curry.

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The Medicinal Benefits of Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soupI call this soup “warm me up chicken noodle soup” because that is exactly what it does. A couple weeks back I became very ill with the flu and all I wanted was a bowl of my delicious homemade chicken noodle soup.  I got off the couch and went to work in the kitchen. The prep is very easy however its the time the broth needs to cook that is a killer. So here is the science behind this soup: Continue reading “The Medicinal Benefits of Chicken Noodle Soup”