StroganoffWow. Amazing. A must. This Stroganoff recipe is so easy and so delicious. A rich and creamy sauce with mushrooms and thinly sliced beef on top of egg noodles. It really is a great way to change up your pasta routine for the week. I made this in 30 minutes so I am sure you are excited to get to the recipe!

This is a Russian dish and I know why. When its cold outside, what better way to cozy up in the house than with this absolute comfort food. First, fry up a diced onion for a few minutes and add sliced mushrooms. Clear the pan and add butter to sear your steak strips. Once the steak is finished, add the onions and mushrooms back in with your creme fraiche (or sour cream), beef broth and your egg noodles. Just as easy as that! I suggest using creme fraiche since its less sour than sour creme and is made with full fat milk. Continue reading “Stroganoff”