Rich and Creamy Alfredo

rich and creamy alfredoRich and creamy alfredo is my family’s favorite recipe. When they smell this sauce cooking they know they are in for a treat. Its absolutely delicious and definitely a comfort food that warms you from the belly up! So when your having a sad day or just feel like lounging in your pajamas watching a movie then cook up this recipe in thirty minutes and your day is complete!

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Mussels in Arrabbiata Sauce

mussels arrabbiataA lot of us are scared to venture outside of our comfort zone when it comes to preparing dishes, so we tend to repeat our usual dinners. I should know because I am one of those people, especially when it comes to seafood. While walking down the isle of fresh fish in the grocery store, I get squeamish and quickly turn the other way. Quite simply the smell really turns me off.

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